The interactive streaming experience.

Watch alternative films, documentaries and series anywhere, anytime, on your own or with a friend.

Stream on Vabble

Films & Series

A library of award-winning films, documentaries, and series.

Exclusive Originals

Dozens of Vabble-exclusive content, that you can’t find anywhere else.

Showtime streams

The platform hosts daily showtime streams, the modern-day cinema if you will.

Streaming, like no other

Built for freedom of speech. Powered by blockchain.

Hosting libraries of films, documentaries, series and showtime streams. A system built for freedom of speech, and counter-censorship. Redefining the standard revenue sharing models with our own cryptocurrency $VAB. Vabble is more than just your every SVOD, it’s an experience like you’ve never had.

A history behind the project

We’ve been working on this for a while.

Vabble was originally beta tested in 2015 as a medium for content creators to network,collaborate and grow their viewership. During this Beta, Vabble received over 5,000 registered users, 100K+ page views and hundreds of uploads. It’s been some time since but we have adapted,grown and changed for the better, migrating from a social media platform to an SVOD service.

What makes Vabble unique


Vabble boasts a combination of standard SVOD features that the users have come to expect, paired with innovative twists and an account on the co-watching experience.

Tipping & Referrals in crypto

Liked a piece of content? Want to give your praise to the crew behind it? Now you can. You will also be rewarded for bringing in users through our referral programme.

Exclusive content

Stuff you can’t find anywhere else. Curated, but not filtered on political agendas. We give you the content and let you be the judge.

Invite-only co-watching experiences

Your private co-watching experiences, accessible by invite only. A private cinema like no other.

Independend chat for every piece of content

Comment with friends or other people who are watching the same thing. Connect with like-minded people, over content you all like.

Integrated takeaway providers

Order your favorite takeaway for you and your friend right there in your private viewing room.

Our team 💪

CEO & Founder


Former Vodafone

Backend & Infra


Former Freelancer

COO & Co-Founder


Former HODLbot



Former Daimler R&D

Lead Dev & Co-Founder


Former Bounty hunter



Former Binance


Vice President

Andrew Robinson

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Vabble roadmap

Present - Q3 2021

Seed, Private, Public sales

Private Access for Early Backers

Marketing Campaign

Uniswap Listing


Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

Continued platform testing

$VAB integration

Co-watching deployment

First Vabble funded Original movie/doc

Alpha testing

Q2 - Q4 2022

Beta Live

Revenue system deployment

NFT Marketplace

Takeaway integration

Funded movies, series, docs release

Q1 - Q3 2023

Hosting decentralization

Content Voting

Show times

Full launch

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